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This series of 4 classes is designed to meet you on the mat where YOU are.  We want to cultivate an environment that meets you at the level that is comfortable to you and help you to progress your practice on your timeline. Scroll down to learn more about each one. These workshop style classes are $10 and space is limited.


A Beginner Yoga Class for those who want to start fresh.  This class will offer detailed instruction in a slower pace to demonstrate and then offer hands-on adjustments, thorough cues and help with alignment.

Upcoming Dates:


An Intermediate Level Yoga Class for those who want to progress their practice. This class allows for a bit more instruction in the postures but also offers more challenging options to start to build your practice. We will introduce 1-2 inversions in this class.

Upcoming Dates:


An Advanced Level Yoga Class designed to help excel your practice.  This class will offer remove the slow pace of the instruction but also allow for you to progress with advanced postures and inversions. It's the perfect place to learn and build.

Upcoming Dates:


A class for those who want to Refine & Align your practice.  This class will offer minimal demonstration to focus on hands-on adjustments through postures that are taught in almost every class.  We will focus on modifications needed for each body type and  level of practitioner.

Upcoming Dates:

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