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Grand Opening at Platinum ABQ Yoga Space!

I'm so excited about the Grand Opening Event that my sweet friend Bernadette put together. The yoga space at Platinum ABQ lofts in Nob Hill is going to be occupied by a few different instructors so rather than a typical gym setting, you can pick and choose what kind of yoga workout you would like. YogaZo will be holding classes on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm (starting Feb. 9th) and Thursdays at 5:00 pm (starting Feb. 18th), but until then this GRAND OPENING event is going to be a blast. Check out the event below by clicking on the link!

Squeezed Juice Bar - Nob Hill Will be there! Green Joe Coffee Truck will be serving some delicious cups of coffee! Rio Bravo Brewing Company, LLC will be sharing some delicious beer! Versatile Vitality will be hosting this great event with plenty of Giveaways!

See you Saturday starting at 2 and lasts until 5pm. 4100 Silver Ave SE in Nob Hill!


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