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New to YogaZo? Start here!

Looking for the right yoga teacher for you? Look no further, YZ has you covered! Check out our amazing roster of teachers at a class near you! Check out our link to the schedule here by clicking the link and following Class Schedule:

Charlotte is like a warm hug of yoga, beginners should start here! She combines amplifications for intermediate yogis all while listening to a playlist that is lit AF! She will work on balance, hamstring flexibility and making sure you release what is holding you down. Let it all go in Charlottes classes!

Sara uses strength and balance flows to improve power and flexibility. She gives beginners a chug of courage to advance their practice and makes sure that those intermediate yogis who step on the mat during her power hour are given a challenge as well. Are you an athlete? Don't miss this class as her stretches will leave you ready for your next activity!

Kara takes an athletic and energetic flow approach with peak poses, core work and inversions that link your breath to your movement. She emphasizes alignment through arm balances and playful big transitions. Kara will focus to move you towards a more intermediate approach while tailoring to beginners!

Ashley works on balance and breath while exhausting muscle groups and offers a power class and playlist to get you to the next level. Beginners are always welcome in this class but be open to the idea of advancing your practice and testing your strengths that you never knew you had! Be ready to make a new friend in Ashley's classes and don't be afraid to laugh at yourself or even sing along.

Samantha will help you focus on breath with hands on adjustments and is perfect for beginner to intermediate yogis! She loves to focus on heart and hip openers as well as share essential oils at the beginning and end of classes!

Guess what? Whoever you choose, we are dedicated to make your yoga experience with YZ a blast, welcoming and overall comfortable ALL WHILE HAVING FUN!

See you on your mat!




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