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Yoga for Athletes

We have been working hard all Summer to spread the mission of YogaZo and what we hope to give to the Albuquerque community. Recently we have released our Yoga for Athletes program to bring Yoga to those who are involved in sports ranging from Elementary, Middle, High School, College and club athletes.

Why is this so important? Injuries are often able to be prevented when you take proper care of your body before and after your trained activities. Stretching is often the part that is overlooked or rushed due to a time constraint or not dedicating enough time to allow the body to repair itself after vigorous use.

Our YogaZo instructors come from a wide array of sports background and are certified and ready to lead you through a private practice one-on-one or with your team. We work with Coaches and Trainers to find the specific needs of the group as well as tailor the hour long yoga practice to the needs of your Athletes. Whether it's Cross-Country, Football, Basketball, Volleyball or anything else in between, let us come to you and help get you ready for the game, match, set ahead of you.

Our focus:

-Work on Injury prevention

-Deep stretching for targeted muscle groups

-Mindfulness & Meditation offerings

-Stress Reduction

-Power Yoga instruction available

Contact Ashley at or at 937.671.8917 to hear about our pricing and availability




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