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Hello Beautiful.

2018 is off to a epic start and we are so excited you have decided to join our mission of #yogagivingback

Where do you go from here you ask? Well that's what this is all about. A quick and easy run down of what we are doing, where to go, what our teachers are about and so much more.

First Things First!

- We are MOBILE. We don't have a physical address, we have multiple ones because we are truly yoga nomads. Check our SCHEDULE here

- We set up shop at local businesses to share some of our favorite spaces with YOU. Most of them are breweries, because, millennials ;)

- We have a set schedule (same brewery, same day/time, weekly).

- We charge $5 for our classes (unless otherwise noted). Thats cash only my friends. It's not donation-based, thats our job so do your best to come with the $5, if you missed the ATM, that's okay, just let your instructor know... we're breezy.

- We are first come, first served.

- We have amazing instructors (keep reading) who bring an extra mat or two as a spare in case life happens, so if you have one, bring it!

This Is Where It Gets Good.

- Our goal is to donate 30-50% of what we take in each month back to local Non-profits in the Albuquerque area with the class fees you pay when you join us.

- Our other goal is to create a space where you feel welcome, comfortable and able to tap into your authentic self.

- Our other goal on top of that, you don't have to be able to do a handstand to hang with us, as long as you can handle a good ole savasana, we have a spot for you.

Insider tip: Don't be surprised if we ask you to step off your mat and make a new friend.

And Our Ta-Da Moment. Our Teachers & Your Roadmap To Find The Perfect Fit.

- New to Yoga? Meet Charlotte, your new best friend. This mama of 2 and beautiful yogini is a great place to start with all things YogaZo & Yoga. I like to call her the warm hug of yoga because it's that simple. Her modifications and hands-on approach allows you to find a space in yoga that fits for you. Her gentle classes are the right spot for those to get acquainted with what yoga is all about as well as to find where you might want to go from here.

- Spreading your wings? Meet Mia, our newest team member and breath of fresh air. Not only is she a teacher on the mat, she is one off the mat as well so you can only begin to imagine how precise and accurate her instruction is into each pose. She moonlights as a hot yoga instructor as well so she knows how to make you sweat before you might even realize it. Her classes are a good step for those ready to try a few new things and expand your practice.

- Interested in finding a compliment to your daily routine or training schedule? You must meet Lindsay! This woman knows how to jam pack a schedule. Between teaching hot yoga, training at Elevate, being a full time mom or logging what feels like a million miles a week, she is your go-to for all things cross-training. Her fitness knowledge allows you to step onto your mat, disconnect and get into those problem areas in your practice. Her classes are mighty so be ready to work.

- Need to let loose? Meet Ashley (me), your go to for anything we might have missed so far. I say this only because I'm a squirrel with a multiple track mind to follow. Depending on the day/time/season classes can go many different directions. Be ready to sweat, relax or spin the wheel because from easy to power, Ashley has got you covered with a dash of inversions and laughter.

If you want to know what teacher is teaching where (we don't have set schedules) visit our facebook events page to plan out your week.

Well that about wraps up our time here! If you miss us too much and it becomes unbearable, follow us on instagram or facebook to keep up with our adventures. Still have a few questions? Reach out via email and I will get right back to you.

Hey you, thanks for hanging in there and we can't wait to see you.




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