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Change is a Good Thing

YogaZo Rooftop Yoga

Over the last three years YogaZo has experienced so much love from our community. We’ve met complete strangers and now have the opportunity to call them friends. We’ve seen connections made, practices blossom and even some yoga students turn into yoga teachers. We’ve hosted over 1,475 classes and donated over $35,000 to more than 20 different local charities (and even a few out of state causes) who’ve faced tremendous need. This fact alone humbles me as I write this to you today because it is such a gift to even have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself, our team and our classes. As we move into 2019, we have some big goals ahead and some things that naturally have to shift to support this and our growth. Starting December 1st, 2018 we will be moving to $10 per class fee. This decision does not come without complete consideration of why YogaZo is so special and unique to ABQ. We are committed to making yoga accessible and welcoming to everyone no matter your financial situation, experience level or any other factors when choosing where to spend your time and money to do yoga. This is why we have also decided to offer a discounted rate, to those of you who practice with us frequently of $7.50/class when you purchase a 10 class pass (more details below). For the last 3 years we have stayed true to our mission of Yoga Giving Back, which at times has been really tough. Our $5 classes have taken us a long way but more often than not we are coming up a bit short, especially for what we hope to accomplish in 2019 and beyond. To keep our teachers well compensated for their talents and time, make bold moves for yoga in ABQ as well as continue our mission of giving back, this change is necessary and we hope you see it as fair. As always, if finances are an issue and prevents you from coming to yoga, please contact me, Ashley, and know that I will do my best to make sure yoga is still a part of your day-to-day practice. We never want someone to be without yoga. Between now and November 30th, you can purchase one of our 10-Class Passes from your instructor at any of our locations before or after class. This will give you access to 10 classes at our current $5 rate (cash or card accepted) and those will be honored until they expire in 90 days. If you purchase more than one, we will add an extra month for you to use it (120 days). If you purchase two, guess what? You get an extra two months to use that one (150 days). Although, we don’t think you will need it because we are a lot of fun and we hope to see you often. After December 1st, you can purchase a 10 Class Pass for the price of $75 to get 2.5 classes for FREE! Perk of a class pass? Skip the cash, get a discount and still help us help others! We can’t wait to share with you what we have in store for 2019 and beyond. We are eager to constantly be growing YogaZo and to provide space and community for YOU to reach your goals as well. We would not be able to be where we are today without the amazing local businesses who partner with us each week. If you have the chance please don’t hesitate to let them know that you are part of YogaZo and how much we appreciate their service, space and efforts. We are committed to doing our part in Albuquerque and will always be focused on what is most important, Yoga Giving Back. ZoZo, Ashley If you have questions, concerns or feedback, please don't hesitate to email me directly at and let’s chat!


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