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Class Pass All-Access

So you’ve heard us throw around the phrase “class pass” and you’re probably wondering “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?’ With so many studios and businesses offering class passes, we wanted to clear up any questions you may have!

Our class passes are a 10-class pack for $75. Instead of $10 a class, you can enjoy YZ classes for $7.50 a class. We accept Cash or Card (service fees will be added). You can grab them at any of our YZ classes from any of our teachers before or after class. They are a great option for anyone sick of carrying around cash for class and looking to save little money in a bulk buy.

Like everything we do at YogaZo, a portion of your class pass price supports a local organization. We’re all for giving back. The best part? You have 6 months to use the 10 classes AND you can share your class pass with a friend! Bring them and we will mark it twice.

Questions? Contact us here and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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