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3 Tips for Starting an at Home Yoga Practice

If you've been following along as we've dished out our favorite YouTube channels to subscribe to or gotten the low down on the best yoga mats on the market for an at home practice and studio flows, then you probably knew it was time for a blog on tips and tricks for an at home practice. Here are 3 tips we swear by for creating sacred time to practice at home.


1. Set a Space

This is such an important one. We're less likely to practice if we don't have an area of the house dedicated to creating space. Even if it's a small corner of the house where your yoga mat just barely fits, make it a priority to dedicate that corner or that room, to your practice. Fill the space with candles, incense, flowers, a spiritual guide, whatever helps to create a spiritual space for your practice. Make sure your prepared with any props you might need like a strap or a block so you don't have to leave your mat once you're settled in.

2. Set the Time

As Rachel Hollis says,"When you really want something, you will find a way. When you don’t really want something, you’ll find an excuse." This couldn't be more true. Hold that promise to your self. Mark your calendar or set a reminder like you would for any class you'd attend at a studio. We know it's so much easier to break a promise or commitment when it's in our homes. If you think a 60 minute practice isn't going to happen, that's OK! Start small and work your way up. Pick a time of day and a length of practice that is doable to you and your lifestyle. Once you step on your mat, treat it like you would a studio class. You wouldn't walk out early. Turn off your phone and that long to-do list. We know there's probably dishes to clean, a stack of laundry to fold, an email to respond to....This is YOUR time. You showed up, now is the time to take that space for you.

3. Set an Intention

Always find a reason to step on your mat. Whether it's to find stillness after a chaotic day or to create that fire within to start the day, dedicate your practice to something or someone. What do you want to cultivate more of? Do you need more compassion? More love? More space? Whatever your reason, make it yours. It's so much easier to get distracted in our minds during an at home practice, especially when we're alone. That's OK. When this happens, return to your intention and return to your breath. It's a practice like anything else.


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