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4 Reasons to go to a Yoga Festival this Summer

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Ok, let's be real here. When we think of yoga festivals, we think of somewhere fancy... Off in the desert, or on a beach, or maybe LA or Chicago. And there's a good chance that maybe we're thinking of Wanderlust, that traveling yoga festival we saw on instagram... Either way, when we think yoga festival, we're thinking about how expensive that ISH is! But when we got word of some pretty awesome and LOCAL southwest yoga centered festivals, like NOMADIC yoga festival, Telluride Yoga Festival, and Sedona Yoga Festival, we had to reconsider. So let's talk WHY because, YES, these events can be pricey, but they don't always have to be. Almost every festival we've found offers different day pass options and volunteer opportunities. Read on to learn 4 of our reasons to go to a yoga festival this summer!

Courtesy of Unsplash

1) It's like a Mini Retreat

So maybe you're still in your hometown, but yoga festivals have an infectious energy to them. Festivals serve as a way to get away from the stress of everyday life, turn down the chatter, and turn up the good vibes. All that extra chatter you're worried about gets put aside because the whole day is organized for you. You get to be in control of what classes you go to. Local artisans are carefully picked for your shopping, food, and beverage needs. Relax and enjoy the day or days that are created with care for you, the yogi, in mind. This is a time to awaken and renew the practice that drew you into the practice in first place.

2) Find your Vibe Tribe

It’s human nature to search for belonging and connection. All of the people around you came to the festival for connection and a love of yoga. You’ll be surrounded by people who are dedicated to movement and excited to get on their mats. These are your people. Don't be shy, step off your mat and make some friends! Next year, you'll be meeting up and going together. You can relax knowing that everyone around you craves community and what better space than a festival dedicated to wellness and connection.

Aubry Marie at NOMADIC Yoga Festival

3) Learn from the Pro's

Yoga festivals bring in some of the most renowned yoga teachers in the world. That yoga teacher you've been insta crushing on for awhile? Yep, they're there. Taking classes during a yoga festival from Insta-famous teachers like Morgan Tyler, JQ Williams, Aubry Marie, Caley Alyssa, allows you to take a master class with some of the top leaders in the yoga world at a discounted rate. Just because they made it big doesn't mean they wont be at the festival. Chances are, these yogis will be at some of the workshops you're attending!

Courtesy of Unsplash

4) Jumpstart your Practice

Maybe you've been going to the same classes over and over. Maybe you're not feeling the same spark as you once were. Maybe none of this resonates for you. But one thing we know for sure, attending a day full of yoga and fitness inspired classes will give anybody the drive to recommit to any movement practice. A few days of practice and connection will leave you wanting more.

Have you been to a yoga festival? What are your best yoga festival experiences? Let us know in the comments and share your favorite ones to check out!




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