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5 things to know before you YogaZo

5 Things to know before You Go… To YogaZo!

We all have to start somewhere so HERE is your checklist for all things YogaZo. We aren’t traditional in that we don’t have a set location but we don’t shy from creating a warm and inviting experience no matter where you find us each day. YogaZo-on-the-go is

  1. Check our Events tab – even if you don’t belong to Facebook! It has who is teaching, where we will be that day and what specials to expect from each brewery.

  2. All of our classes are beginner friendly! We pride ourselves on being a great place to start and continue. Our classes tailor to each students needs and we don’t like leaving anyone behind. Our instructors are all 200 level certified instructors and know modifications (helpful for existing injuries) and amplifications (for those looking for a bit more).

  3. Don’t be surprised if we ask you to step off your mat and make a new friend! We love connecting with our community and this is the BEST way we know how.

  4. Most of our classes are $5 and we want to keep it that way, but if you are so inclined or love what we are providing, we won’t be mad at ya if you put a few more dollars in the jar! Each month we take what we have left over from our operations and donate it to local non-profits and causes that are near and dear to our hearts as well as our regulars!

  5. Relax, it’s just yoga! We are all about having a good time, saying hello and being kind to one another and we are lucky enough that we get to do all of these things through our Yoga Classes. Grab a beer or a bite to eat after class and stay a while. We set up at local breweries and businesses so you can love local just as much as we do.. If you refer us to a friend too we will love you FOREVER!

We can’t wait to meet you on the mat. In the meantime, follow our mission at one of these lovely social media outlets and feel free to share your experience with YogaZo too!

Instagram @yogazo_abq

Twitter @yogazo_abq



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