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Dear YogaZo,

I’m so glad you’re here and reading this. It’s taken me a few different drafts to put it all together and I know there are many pieces I’m missing but here goes nothing.

For nearly 8 years I’ve had the absolute pleasure of creating something from scratch and watching it grow from a vantage point that people would pay big money to view… I’m talking 50 yard line seats at the Super Bowl. At least to me that’s how it’s felt.

Starting YogaZo back in 2015 allowed me to create a community that I longed to have when I first stepped foot in New Mexico. For those who never knew, YogaZo was named after my dog Zoey that I was fortunate enough to adopt from Animal Humane NM shortly after moving here in 2010 when I was missing everything I knew and loved. She became my respite within so much unknown. Our time together was too short but incredibly impactful as I lost her shortly before becoming a certified yoga instructor and a huge piece of my heart still aches for her to be by my side. YogaZo came to fruition because of everything she brought to my life that I wanted to share with others.


As an outsider moving to NM, the lack of interaction I experienced partnered with an effort to try yoga as a medium to not only exercise but to meet new people were the two things that later collided to make a life changing shift for me… YogaZo.

I knew I wanted something different for the ABQ Yoga community that would allow people to step off their mat and meet somebody new, move their body and support small businesses and non-profits. A traditional practice in an untraditional location but make it more. More classes, more offerings, more teachers, more donations… just more! My first class was at a brewery and all of my new friends packed it and I took a wad of cash to Animal Humane in Zoey’s name. I cried because I missed her so much but it made it feel a little better, like she was there and continuing her purpose in this world.

Some classes no one showed up. Other classes we had to turn people away because we were at capacity. We added instructors, locations, efforts, donations and everything I could get my hands on to show up and be an action rather than another promotion.

To this day YogaZo has donated $75,000 to over 30 non-profit organizations in New Mexico, we’ve won Best Yoga Studio and Best Yoga Instructor awards. We’ve been featured on the news, in magazines, taught at yoga festivals both in state and out of state. Hell, we even started a yoga festival here because we needed it! The accolades and accomplishments were a plenty and it’s because we worked really hard at it ALL!

So much happened in those first few years it’s like life was moving in fast forward. I don’t think I ever took the time to process what it all was and meant to me so when the abrupt stop of 2020 occurred, it brought things to light for me that I had been burying for a while with the yoga world and what I had been carrying. While I wanted the break the pandemic forced, I ached for the community I had grown dependent of over time. It was such a tidal wave of confusion and I can honestly say that up until a few weeks ago I have still felt this limbo in my life.

For the last 3 years I’ve been dealing with the push and pull of my time, energy and efforts. Running a yoga business is not for the faint of heart and a lot of it has been a learning experience that at times I wish I could do without the lesson. Perhaps it’s the lack of separation of church and state? Every single yogi who stepped on the mat to practice absolutely filled my cup and trusted me with their practice which was a responsibility I never took lightly. Behind the scenes the stress, anxiety, drama and smoke in mirrors practices took their toll on my mental health and capacities. I’d have other teachers tell me I was ruining the sanctity of yoga by practicing in breweries while I’d have students trust me with their heaviest burdens and share thank you’s for helping them through life events like their break up, miscarriage or loss of a loved one. It was conflicting to say the least. Perhaps my tell-all memoir is to come! I share this because it’s all a part of the story of YogaZo and what’s lead me to this news today and something that I plan to share more of in the future.

As some of you may know, in 2020 I started another business that has taken a lot of my time and energy. My goal in starting it was to run both businesses and never let you see me sweat, as I do with most things. However, I’ve learned that boundaries, joy, growth and time are things to be cherished and right now in my life I need to follow the path that is challenging growth for me in ways that are good for my soul. Simultaneously, YogaZo is at a place where it deserves a place to grow past what it has ever been and it needs a set of fresh eyes to take on that task.

I firmly believe that there comes a time where every business owner, CEO or any position of consistent decision-making can start to hinder the businesses growth and achievements and that the best leaders can truly see when it’s time for others to step in to assist, advise or guide with a fresh perspective. It’s a hard pill to swallow and has been a big part of the push & pull i’ve been feeling for years.

There’s never been a day where I would consider YogaZo not being something that is built into my daily vocabulary and efforts. Luckily this still isn’t the day but things are headed in a new direction.

I know what it takes to run a mobile yoga business and it wasn’t something that I was just going to solicit to the highest bidder on Instagram or let the imitators have their heyday with (I see you watching us 😉 ). When I was finally ready to reconcile with the fact that the YogaZo Community + Instructors deserve more than I have to give, I reached out to Melanie and Denise at Blissful Spirits because I knew they could handle it and so much more. Within a day we met, went over the business top to bottom and they signed the dotted line to carry on Albuquerque’s Mobile Yoga Studio now known as Bliss In The City.

Our classes, our instructors and our efforts will all be the exact same which is something incredibly special and makes this very hard email a bit easier to write. I will still be YogaZo in name and impact, but in a capacity that aligns more to who I am today rather than 8 years ago. I will be offering private yoga for individuals, groups, corporate settings and the occasional class here and there if it feels right. My hope is to share more online through the YZ website, Instagram and YouTube for you to practice when it works for you and to share a bit of insight on what it takes to run a yoga business as a human just trying their best. I’d ideally love to be a mentor to other aspiring yoga instructors and yoga business owners to help them navigate what it’s like to hold space for others, run a yoga business in this industry and everything in between, but who truly knows where it will all go from here as I never thought this day would come.

Lastly, and I hope you’re still reading…Since I’ve been absent from the schedule for a while now, a few of you have asked when I will teach a YZ class again and the good news is, I have one last Mobile Yoga Class with YogaZo that I hope you can join me at on May 5th at Explora. My goal is to give you an OG, Ashley packed class that will give you all the feels, planks AND the proper final send off that YZ mobile yoga classes deserves. A homage to everything this community has given me and each other. I promise I won’t cry through the whole playlist!

Friends, I really appreciate each and every one of you who have met us on the mat over the last 8 years. I wish there was a way I could evoke the appropriate amount of appreciation to each of you individually. Thank you for allowing me the chance to create a space where you are truly welcome, safe and are seen.

from my heart to yours,


Zoey and I doing a pop-up yoga class in 2014.


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