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Start Here.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

*Updated lists of resources and businesses below*

The effort in this list is only to serve as a starting point if you are feeling lost, helpless or uninformed. There are so many resources that I encourage you to explore to find what feels right for you. Here are some things that you can do to educate yourself, find your voice and speak up for what is right, what is humane and what is overdue.

Please find three resources to start with for each of these categories below:

- I want to learn more

- I want to get involved and/or donate

- I want to support local

I want to learn more


-Just Mercy - available now for free

-When They See Us - available on Netflix

Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap - available on Netflix


-The importance of voting.*Please note: Voter turnout is historically low in Albuquerque when it is not a general election, which is equally as important as voting for your next President.

-A powerful article written Layla Freed written to spiritual white women