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Top 4 Apps for Meditation

It's no secret that buzz-worthy-wellness practice meditation would make its way into our blog features! And for good reason! Meditation is a practice with benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.

Yet, we know meditation can be a tricky habit to pick up. What seems simple in theory, takes a lot of dedication to begin. Often, we hear that starting a practice can be stressful: How do I begin? How long? When should I try? It's easy to go down a wormhole of stressful thoughts and questions and just like that, what could have been a meditative 5 minutes, has turned into a spiral of worry.

How do we recommend cultivating a self-paced meditative practice? Apps? Yep. We've tried them and can attest to the benefits of each. Curious what apps we recommend for discovering your meditation? We've outlined our top choices, as well as why each might work for you.

Headspace is easily one of the most well-known meditation apps out there and with good reason. It's extremely user-friendly on your phone or tablet, you can listen to Headspace on the go and always download sessions to use offline. On your computer, you can play any of the sessions at any time. Headspace has options for picking the mood, style, or intention you need.

Cost: $7.99 to $12.99 per month after free trial

Where to find it: App store on iOs and Android or website

Insight Timer is know for having most experienced mindfulness teachers on it. The app gives the user the freedom to pick and choose guided meditations depending on time, the style like of your choosing like body scan, cultivating self-love, anxiety/stress reducing, or the ability to set a timer and sit without verbal guidance. As an added perk, the company claims they are "largest free library of guided meditations on earth with more than 19000 titles!"

Cost: Free version to $4

Where to find it: App store on iOs and Android or website

3. Calm

The Calm app has many guided meditation sessions ranging in time from 3 minutes up to 25 minutes. Browse different topics from calming your anxiety to find a gratitude practice. The app also features sleep sounds, nature sounds, and breathing exercise, leaving room for the user to really choose the intention and focus. The app features new meditations daily.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Where to find it: App store on iOs and Android or website

Join two leaders in the meditation and spiritual realm on this 21-Day Meditation Experience. Oprah and Deepak will facilitate a meditative journey to enjoying more out of life. On the app, each 21-Day Meditation Experience focuses on a unique theme, offering wisdom and tools that you can use in your daily life.

Cost: Free

Where to find it: App store on iOs and Android or website


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