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I'm so glad you're here! My name is Ashley and I am YogaZo in so many ways!  If you're new here, let me fill you in with the cliff notes! For the last 8 years we've been Albuquerque's Mobile Yoga Studio and in 2023 I decided this community needed a bit more so we handed over our mobile operations to our dear friends who now offer classes with Bliss in the City! If you're looking to take a class, thats the spot! 


As of today YogaZo is simply a namesake for me and a space where I can offer Private yoga classes, corporate offerings and so much more.  While I take a break from teaching public classes I will be sharing what it's like to run a yoga business and share transparency on all things yoga behind the scenes! I hope you stick around to see what comes of this transition.

Until then, all the love and here's a bit more about this change!




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