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Take YogaZo-on-the-go to a whole new level!  Along with a ton of free classes on our YouTube as well as our membership plans, you have a chance to practice at home with us anytime and anywhere just one class at a time! 


Here's how it works:

  • Select a class you'd like to access from the list below

  • Click on the "add to cart" button and in the cart, put the class number in the "notes" section

  • ​We will email you access once we receive your order confirmation


Available Classes:

  1. A Feel Good Yoga Class with Ashley

    • ​Flow with YogaZo Founder, Ashley Fathergill, through this all-levels yoga class. Get upside down, enjoy deep hip stretches, and travel around your mat in this feel good yoga class!

  2. Grounding Flow with Elena

    • ​Work on flexibility and strength through the spine while working up to side crow.

  3. Rooted in Love with Tabatha

    • ​a 45 minute grounding practice to give you space to breathe, move, and focus on radiating love!

  4. Grounding and Releasing with Calysta

    • ​Bring a sense of presence back into your day with a yoga flow focused on grounding while also releasing built-up energy and tension in the body. Roll out a mat, throw on your favorite playlist and flow with me from the comfort of your home.

  5. Yin Yoga with Elena

    • ​Grab a bolster, pillow or rolled up towel. Use some blocks or get creative with household items and curl up for this restorative and cozy class

  6. Power Vinyasa Flow with Ashley​​

    • ​Handstand drills, balance work and a lil bit of cardio all wrapped up into one yoga class. Let’s do this yogis!

  7. Warrior Flow with Elena

    • ​Work up a sweat while exploring warrior variations. Level 1-2 Vinyasa style flow.

  8. COREntine Flow with Calysta

    • ​COREntine flow. Enough said. Need a little core work in your quarantine life? Build strength in your abdomen and massage your digestive organs with this core-focused class. 60 minutes.

  9. Half Moon with Elizabeth

    • Enhance your home practice with YogaZo (Elizabeth Kivlighan). This video will inspire your at-home yoga practice by focusing on Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana) drills, alignment and flows.

  10. Upside Down & Inside Out, Power Yoga with Ashley: 45-60 Minutes

    • ​Let’s get upside down, and breath from the inside out! Join YogaZo Founder, Ashley Fathergill as we explore our strength and breath in the 60 minute challenging class built with all-levels in mind. Recommended to have the basic yoga asanas in your back pocket as the instruction is minimal compared to other classes we offer. Let’s get moving!

  11. Gentle Yoga with Charlotte: 60 Minutes

    • ​A slow and accessible practice with Charlotte Montoya. Move through stagnation and settle into stillness. Work on opening through shoulders, muscles of the back, and the heart space with some mindful and meditative movement. Sink into stillness with a bit of guided meditation/pranayama.

  12. Power Flow Yoga with JQ: 60 Minutes

    • ​We are so excited to collaborate with JQ Williams of Northern Yoga Center to share her Power Flow Class. Power flow is more intense than regular yoga flow and will have the opportunity to explore more challenging poses while still being accessible to all practitioners. Expect to build internal heat through breath and core work

  13. Shoulders, Strength and grab-a-strap yoga flow with Ashley: 60 Minutes

    • ​Join Ashley, YogaZo Founder, for this 60 minute yoga flow that allows you to find some strength, balance and use a yoga strap to find mobility in your shoulders, chest and arms. Finding postures with easy modifications like Bird of Paradise, forearm plank and pigeon pose. Available for beginner to advanced yoga practitioners. Let’s do some yoga, yogis! Want to listen along? Check out this playlist that I was listening to when filming!


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