Pints & Planks

I am so excited with all that is going on with Pints & Planks. A few months after getting my YTT certification I was thinking of ways we could offer Yoga in the community. After a good friend told me about a great space (Rio Bravo Brewing Company) to host something like this, I had to jump.

Fast Forward to today, each week we offer Pints & Planks at 11am at RBBC. It is a blast. I see people enjoying yoga, meeting new people, catching up with friends and staying after to enjoy a nice pint of beer, mimosa or glass of wine. It is fun and brings a sense of community that we need in ABQ.

If you are interested in trying Yoga with a Twist I encourage you to check it out. All levels are welcome so if it is your first class that is OK! Visit Pints & Planks on the Class Schedule section of or email for more information.

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