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The 3 Best Yoga Mats on the Market

image by Gaiam

image by Gaiam

Finding the perfect mat can be a lengthy process. While we know finding the mat that fits your practice, your body, and your style is unique to only you, we've tried countless mats and can vouch for the accessibility of these. That's why we've narrowed it down to the 4 we like best based on activity! Read on to learn about the mats we like best and WHY!


Manduka Pro Lite

Why we like it: Manduka set the standard for a great performance mat. It is a favorite among Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow goers. Manduka products are non-toxic and produced in an emissions-free manufacturing facility and are 100% latex free. Good for the environment and good for your practice. This mat is thick enough to keep you from slipping when things get fiery and enough cushion to protect your joints.

Where we use it: Studio practice! Why? Lightweight. Easy to clean. Sturdy.

YZ Pro Tip: Manduka offers great sales if you sign up for their email list.


The mat: Liforme

Why we like it: We think Liforme has the most grip support. Liforme claims that the "material is the grippiest Yoga mat material currently available on earth," and we think they're on to something. The Liforme mats are larger than the average mat, giving yogis a little extra room to take up space. The mat is made with extra cushioning to make it supportive for any practice and level.

Where we use it: We like it best for home practice! Why this mat over any of the others? For starters, Liforme has a special "AlignForMe" design that allows home yogis to practice good alignment with markets down the center of the mat. Crafted for bodies of all types, this mat is great to help the at home yogi continue to practice perfect form without the guidance of a teacher in the room.

YZ Pro Tip: If you are struggling with alignment, hand and foot placement and grip, this is the perfect mat for you. It's design has markers on where you can focus on where to size up your alignment.


The mat: Yoloha Nomad

Why we like it: Extremely versatile and lightweight, we love this mat for yogis on the go! Made of cork, this mat provides the stability and grip to keep you balanced on the mat. We love the comfort and accessibility of this mat. Ready to go from first use, this mat requires no breaking in.

Where we use it: Travel! Did we mention the featherweight style of this funky mat? Airport carpet? Hotel room? Beach? No problem. This Anti-microbial cork surface naturally kills bacteria and germs so you don't have to worry.

YZ Pro Tip: This mat works well with humid and hot yoga environments. The cork absorbs sweat while giving some traction for your downdog and other postures alike. It's also anti-microbial, holla!


Are you new to yoga and all these options are a little intimidating? NO SWEAT! Target has teamed up with an incredible yoga company to bring you the essentials in one sweet kit.


Why we like it: This kit comes equipped with ALL.THE.THINGS. Like a 3mm thick alignment yoga mat, foam block, and a 6' yoga strap. But wait, there's more! The starter box also comes with expert yogi Rodney Yee's Yoga DVD for you to follow along and get familiar with.

Where we use it: EVERYWHERE! This mat is a great beginner mat to experiment with. Great for learning poses and techniques.


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